Thursday, October 8, 2015

This Fall

This fall, as the leaves change colors, look at God's paint brush.  See the splendor of His power...feel the coolness in the air as we go from summer to fall...and you can see His creation He made for all of us to enjoy.  Those who are like me with a disease like ALS, MS, or cancer live life to the fulllest!  And remember, He knows your name.  If we know Him we have eternal life, so rejoice and live without fear for He is God. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

sittin on the back porch

I am sitting on my back porch watching the wind move through the trees and all different types of birds singing at my feeders. I thought of the waves crashing on the shore when I was at the beach this summer.  I watched the sunset and the sunrise and I believe that all of nature praises our Lord.  The next time we hear the birds singing early in the morning think of our God.  The next time you go to the beach, look at the massive amount of water and know that it can only go so far.  Then look at the stars of the heavens and know the God that created them knows your very name.  Now that is something to think about...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Question About Evolution

I want to spend a moment discussing evolution. I think it's obvious all creatures have evolved.  But let's look at a dog. There are now many species and breeds that have evolved through the centuries, but they're all still dogs.  The same could be said about birds.  They have evolved, but they're still birds.  Why haven't other species evolved like humans?  I have a hard time believing man came from an ape.  I believe God made man and woman in his image.  Besides, I have one question for those who believe man came from an ape: why are there still so many apes?  Why didn't they evolve?  Now that's something to think about.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Where do I look to see God?

Have you ever been asked "How do you know there's a God?"  I tell people to just look out their window.  Have you ever seen the wind blowing through the trees, or a robin sing, a sunrise, the leaves change colors in the fall, and the flowers bloom in the spring?  Have you ever thought about a hummingbird egg which is the size of a pea, yet survives in the wild to be a beautiful bird?  Just look out your window and you will see God.